Nexus 4 gets bumps on rear panel to protect it from scratches


Google and LG have brought some attention to a number of problems with the Nexus 4‘s glass-coated rear panel. While quite visually striking, it’s not shatter and scratch proof, and it tends to mute the speaker when positioned flat on a surface. Unfortunately, the Gorilla Glass 2 coating can sustain only so much abuse before it cracks like a can of brew on a hot Bulgarian summer day.

Android Central reported that the latest Nexus 4 units feature small bumps on the rear panel that lift it slightly above the surface and prevent the aformentioned issues. There is a little change in the circle around the camera lens which is now slightly tighter and off-center. It’s not clear if this change was intended, or its a manufacturing mishap.

You can see the changes for yourself by following the source link.

Source: Android Central