New rumors about iPhone 8 pricing – how much will cost the cheapest version?

- Adrian Ungureanu

The anniversary iPhone is the most anticipated smartphone from Apple since the launch of iPhone 6 Plus, Apple’s first phablet. iPhone 8 or iPhone X or iPhone Pro as it’s named by different sources will celebrate 10 years of iPhone history and it should be a smartphone to blow everybody’s mind.

Now we get new rumors about the pricing. In the past we’ve heard that iPhone 8 will have prices at over $1.000 and the latest leaks confirms this. The cheapest version, the iPhone 8 with 64 GB internal storage will have a starting prices around $850, but the 256 GB variant will surely to go over $1.000.

It wouldn’t be so surprising since we just heard that the Galaxy S8 with 6 GB RAM variant, that will be available only in China, will be sold at a price around $1.030 dollars.