New photo of LG Optimus G2


The internet has leaked another photo of the LG Optimus G successor. The G2 looks the same as we saw it in the previous leaked photos, but it’s still in an engineering prototype stage. This smartphone has drummed up some significant expectations. LG escalated to the world top three smartphone makers and got some well-deserved confidence that has driven them to aim at the top with the G2. The device will feature a Full-HD plastic substrate display, quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU and a touch-sensitive rear panel that resembles the PS Vita. Looking at how there are zero buttons and controls to be found on the front, this rear-panel rumour might turn out true.

Optimus G2

The Optimus G2 is expected in the autumn. It will enter the ring with powerful new contenders by Samsung, HTC, Sony and Apple. Better hang on to your wallets just a little longer now, so you don’t miss the showdown.

Source: Phone Arena