New Nokia 9 render leaks on the web

- Adrian Ungureanu

We’re expected at least two more Nokia-branded smartphones from HMD Global bu the end of this year and Nokia 2 and Nokia 9 are the models that everybody is talking about. There were some rumors about a Nokia 7, but rumors about it stopped like in June, so I believe it’s out of the question.

Nokia 2 is going to be a very cheap model, while Nokia 9 might be in the same price range as Nokia 8 and it just popped up in a new leak render on the web.

We see a pretty good looking smartphone, following the 2017 Nokia design features but it does have some different things. For instance, there is no physical Home button at the front, that on the previous models launched this year, it housed the fingerprint sensor which was move on the back, under the camera. Talking about the camera, it has two sensors like the Nokia 8, but it has bigger bump that on the previous flagship. Also, the flash was move to the side, while on the other models it was integrated in the same compartment as the camera sensors.

I don’t know who did this render, but if the light effects were used properly, it is suggested that the edges, on the back and front of the phone are curved, like on Samsung’s smartphones. But as I mentioned, the light reflection effects might not be used properly.

Anyway, it doesn’t look back, and if this is the genuine look of the final product, then I could say that HMD Global has done a good job for Nokia 9 as well.