New Motorola smartphone leaks, not a X Phone


Vietnamese bloggers Tinhte have gotten their hands on an unanounced Motorola smartphone – one that pretty much looks like Nexus 4 with Moto’s logo and widgets slapped on it. Its model number is XT912A, and by that GSMArena speculate that its a replacement for the Droid RAZR with model number XT912. With a 4-inch AMOLED HD display, Snapdragon 4 Pro, 2GB RAM, 2000mAh battery and no kevlar to be seen, it falls quite a bit short of the various expectations for the X Phone. However, it does show that Motorola are changing design directions for 2013 – influenced by Google, without a doubt. You can spend 4 minutes with the phone through a video shot by the bloggers, or just look at the pictures they’ve provided.


Source: GSMArena