New leaks of Sharp Aquos S3 reveals a new iPhone X-inspired smartphone

- Adrian Ungureanu

Sharp is preparing a new model of the Aquos S smartphone series, one with thin bezels and a notch at the top of the screen, similar to that on the iPhone X.

Photos of the alleged Sharp Aquos S3 have popped up on the web, and they reveal that the Japanese company is ”borrowing” some design elements from Apple’s flagship. In addition to the notch in the screen, the phone also has a dual camera that has the same setting as the one on the iPhone X. Is placed on the left side of the back panel and vertically.

The element that differentiates two smartphones is the fingerprint reader placed in the middle of the back panel. Otherwise, the new Sharp phone obviously share the same design features of Apple’s flagship.

But it is not the first time that Sharp “inspires” from others. The Aquos S2 launched last year was clearly drawn after the Essential Phone, Andy Rubin’s first smartphone, one of the creators of the Android operating system. The two phones have the same cut-out around the selfie camera.

From the back, the Aquos S3 is quite similar to the Aquos S2, a phone that was launched before the iPhone X. But there is no way that Apple was inspired by Sharp because renderings with the iPhone X presenting that camera setting ware already running on the web way before Aquos S2 was launched.

However, Sharp is part of the Foxconn group, Apple’s most important partner, the company that assembles the iPhones and the iPads. So I do not think anyone will argue that Sharp’s smartphone looks a lot like the iPhone X.