New leaked image shows us when OnePlus 5 will be released

- Adrian Ungureanu

Rumors about OnePlus 5 keep pilling up and a new leaked image tells us now date possible release date of the next “flagship” killer.

The image was posted on Weibo by KJuma, a popular leakster on the micro-blogging platform. not only does it reveal the date as June 15, 2017, it also mentions the venue and time.

The launch will take place at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center (Spring Cocoon Gymnasium) at 3:00pm local time (7:00 AM GMT). This is the same venue Smartisan used for the launch of the Nut Pro last month.

Just below the date is a text that translates to “New Release” and below that is another bold text that translates to “Only fast, not broken”. We can’t make out the meaning of the second text as the intended meaning has been lost in translation. It might be a reference to its Dash Charge fast charge technology, the overall performance of the phone or it might mean something else entirely.

Even though there’s no official confirmation, that might as well be the actual release date, since OnePlus is making fans vote for the best design that should be used on OnePLus 5’s retail boxes.