New corruption accusations for Samsung! Prosecutors raided the companies offices

- Adrian Ungureanu

A new corruption scandal is set to disturb Samsung’s activities. They just kinda settled after the scandal that led to the arrest of the Samsung empire heir, Lee Jae-yong and the resigning og the former president of the country.

Now the prosecutors raided the offices of Samsung Electronics this morning on charges that the unit took part in an attempt allegedly led by Samsung Group to sabotage labor union activities.

The search comes about a week after a senior official of Samsung Electronics’ after-services unit was arrested on suspicion of playing a leading role in the scheme. Choi Pyeong-seok, the executive of Samsung Electronics Service in charge of human resources division, was taken into custody after the Seoul Central District Court issued a warrant for his arrest.

Choi is suspected of spearheading an organized scheme to disrupt labor union activities among workers. He allegedly instructed subcontractors to hamper the establishment of the labor union and its activities, and to regularly report to him about the progress.

He is also suspected of profiling employees who engaged in union activities and providing cash incentives to get workers to drop out of the union.