Myriad Cracks Mobile Privacy with the Launch of Intelligence Hub


Myriad Group AG, the company powering billions of rich mobile social and web experiences on any connected device, today announces the launch of Myriad Intelligence Hub, a new powerful consumer insight analytics engine designed with mobile in mind.


Myriad Intelligence Hub aims to put its partners back into the billion dollar mobile advertising ecosystem by allowing them to better monetize existing and new services, while at the same time protecting consumers’ data and keeping it private. “OEMs and Carriers currently lose billions dollars each year to over-the-top players, which is staggering,” says Simon Wilkinson, CEO of Myriad Group.


“Myriad’s Intelligence Hub is helping them gain back a large share of those potential revenues, while at the same time protecting consumers’ privacy. It’s a win-win.” With Myriad Intelligence Hub, all data analysis is safely and securely conducted in real-time on device. Drilling down into over 200 categories, Myriad dynamically interprets user behavior, while ensuring no data goes beyond the user’s finger tips.


With opt-in mechanisms throughout the customer experience, this provides users with complete reassurance regarding the protection of their personal data and the instant presentation of related content and applications, while enabling Carriers, OEMs and Advertisers to reach the right user, at the right time, with the right service and message. See Myriad’s Intelligence Hub at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona or view the demo before MWC on Myriad’s YouTube Channel:


The mobile advertising ecosystem is estimated to be worth over $2 billion today and predicted to be worth as much as $14 billion by 2014, according to Gartner. Analytics derived from consumer behavior are a proven driver to deliver more targeted, higher value advertising. Analysis of usage patterns allows service providers to profile their customers using a blend of semantic engines and as such, focus their communications at the optimum target market for the desired effect.


“We’re offering a solution that does not infringe on consumers’ personal data and puts them in control. That’s the most important thing to understand about Intelligence Hub,” continues Wilkinson. “A lot of other larger, more established companies in the mobile space haven’t got this right, and there’s mounting pressure to keep personal customer data private. We developed Intelligence Hub with this in mind.” See a live demo of Intelligence Hub.