MS Windows 8.1 is ready to manufacture


Microsoft’s Paul Thurott announced via Twitter that Windows 8.1 has reached a Ready to manufacture stage (RTM). This means the next Windows is ready for distribution and installation to various devices. The final build version is 9600.16384.1308211623. According to MS’ internal e-mails, the quality metrics of Windows 8.1 are on the level of Windows 7, which means that the new OS is more stable than Windows 8. And with features such as the Start button and booting straight to desktop, Windows 8.1 could move a few steps forward into bringing Windows 7 loyalists over to its live-tile party.

A lingering question is whether this build will reach MSDN and TechNet in the coming weeks, in accordance with the tradition. Word is, this time the new Windows will reach these networks no earlier than October.

Source: CNET