Motorola teases upcoming of new Moto Mods

- Adrian Ungureanu

Motorola just confirmed again the release of new hardware modules that will be compatible with the Moto Z smartphone series, by posting an image on their Chinese official website.

Rumors about new Moto Mods have appeared since February, when a company official said 12 new Mods will be released this year and in March they announced Moto Power Pack, a module that will instantly add 50% more battery to your phone, without adding bulk. It has a special efficiency mode, which automatically charges your phone to keep efficiency at its peak.

Motorola announced back then that they will also be launching additional power-focused Moto Mods including a wireless charging Moto Mod, a Turbo Power Moto Mod and a charging adaptor.

They announced a Gamepad Moto Mod, coming this summer, that transforms your phone into a mobile gaming console by adding physical controls, an integrated battery, and more.

Nothing much happened since than, but now we get this picture which offers us some interesting details. Motorola talks about e-Ink screens, portable photo printer and even a Lego robot and says it’s not impossible.

So therefore, we’ll assume that Motorola will introduce them all if all these mods are possible.