Motorola returns on 1 August with X Phone?


Advertising designers B.A. Bakken have created a new campaign for Motorola which features new images, slogan and most importantly, the long-awaited Moto X Phone. According to the ads, we should expect the X Phone as early as August 1, but Motorola has pretty much taken their business out of Europe and we’re not sure if this phone will be sold around here.

Bakken has previously worked for names such as Intel, Amazon, Audi and BMW. Motorola are still out of the official client list, which could mean that Bakken has decided to whip up an ad campaign for Moto in their downtime. Which doesn’t seem very realistic but it could be considered.

While the Moto X won’t be a technological miracle, it will offer some exciting new functionality such as always-on voice comands. In a market that’s over-saturated with fast and expensive devices, we are eager to see someone show a smartphone with an actual bag of tricks instead of another big-screen powerhouse.

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Source: Android Authority via PhoneArena