Motorola DEXT will be full of apps


Motorola’s first ever Android phone was recently announced but it already has a lot of fans, anticipating its market premiere later this year. The Motorola DEXT will feature 5 MP camera, Wi-Fi, QWERTY keyboard, and a large touchscreen. But what about the software?

Well, according to Motorola the new DEXT will be full of different kinds of applications, which will not be there just for fun, but also very useful in your daily life. The Android smartphone will be equipped with Facebook and Twitter apps, Digg, Mint, Travel Channel, MTV and Amazon MP3 Store.

There are of course all kinds of Google’s services, but also a Yahoo! Mail app, which is kind of funny actually. What’s not funny is the preinstalled version of QuickOffice – application for viewing and editing of documents, which usually costs around $10.