Motorola conquered Lenovo Mobile


In the future, you can expect a lot more from Motorola. Lenovo decided that the market for smartphones, brand Motorola has much more – easily recognizable from their own. Lenovo Mobile will be integrated into Motorola.

The president of Lenovo Mobile Group, said that much of the Motorola organizational structure will remain in place and will remain in the background of the policy of Lenovo Mobile.


Lenovo Mobile will reduce the number of devices that produce, eventually all will appear under the brand Motorola. Merger of the two companies will rely heavily on the long experience of Moto in research and development.


However, it is recalled that Lenovo will entrust their entire business of Motorola, as recently released a brand ZUK. ZUK will work on the world stage and aims to become a company known for high-end phones.


The latest financial results the Lenovo showed a slight decline in sales in the first quarter of 2015 (16.2 million), which most – probably one of the main reasons the company to shift to more – easily recognizable brand.