Moto Z2 Force goes through durability test!

- Adrian Ungureanu

Motorola advertised the resistance of Moto Z2 Force’s display, with its ShatterShield, that makes the screen shatterproof. Then the guys at Android Police reported the display on Moto Z2 Force is very scratchable, like you can scratch it with your fingernails.

Not a good thing for a smartphone with a price tag of $750 and that was boasted for its indestructible display. Motorola replied and said that they never claimed it was “scratch-proof”, just “shatterproof”. So, its a terminology thing.

Motorola said, that the unit tested by Android Police was from the very first lots and the following one are more resistant.

Ever since then I wanted to see the Moto Z2 Force to go into a durability/resistance tested. And a brand new Z2 Force just went at JerryRigEverything and Zack put it to the test.

What do you think? Are the screen more resistant?