Moto z2 and z2 Play show up in new leaked images

- Adrian Ungureanu

Lenovo will launch this year, probably in June, the second generation of the Moto z series, that was introduced for the first time, about a year ago.

Moto Z in comprised by three models the Moto z, Moto z Play and z Force. The first two have appeared in the separate pictures, showing their design. As you can see, they are recognizable as they share the common design of most recent Moto smartphones, like the Moto g series.

Speculations have it that the upcoming Moto z2 and Moto z2 Force would be running on Snapdragon 835 chipset. The Moto z2 Force is also expected to feature ShatterShield display.

Last year’s Moto z2 and z2 Force did not feature a 3.5mm audio jack. However, this year’s z2 Force will bring back the 3.5mm jack. There is no confirmation on whether the Moto z2 will be coming with or without the standard audio port.