Moto X4 appears at Geekbench! It will get Snapdragon 660 after all

- Adrian Ungureanu

Moto X4 missed its initial launch which was scheduled on June 30 and it wasn’t introduced yesterday in New York, so it’s still a mystery when it’ll be unveiled.

Moto Z2 Force was released last night but Moto X4 is still missing in action and most rumors blame it on Qualcomm who couldn’t delivered the Snapdragon 660 chipsets in time. After Moto X4 missed its launch on June 30, and Evan Blass suggested that it’ll be powered by Snapdragon 630 chipsets.

That fact was confirmed soon after, when Moto X4 made an appearance at GFXBench, which confirmed the SD630 chipset. Yet, Moto X4 made another appearance, at Geekbench this time and the mobile platform is a Snapdragon 660, which only makes things more confusing.

It’s possible that Moto X4 to be launched with both mobile platforms from Qualcomm. It wouldn’t be a first when a smartphone maker delivers the same smartphone with different chipsets in different countries. Even Samsung sells its flagship series, the Galaxy S8 with Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895.

Now, we have to find when Moto X4 will be launched cause it missed two possible dates in less than a month already.