Moto X Phone rumour mill is reaching critical mass!


A “well-placed” individual has shared a new round of information on the Google/Motorola X Phone with Ausdroid and some of it quite misplaced. But let’s start at the beginning. Ausdroid are telling us that the X Phone has a 10MP rear camera; A 5-inch 1080p screen with the possibility of scarce supplies forcing Moto to choose a 4.7-inch Full HD panel. This far in the production of the device? We highly doubt that. And then, there are talks of a dual-core Snapdragon CPU used in the phone, at the same time not excluding the Tegra 4i as a possible chipset. Also, it seems the X Phone will only be sold at developed markets that can guarantee a 25k sell-in of the device for the major carrier. Bummer.

Unwired View, along with any sensible person argue that, according to these bits of information, Motorola are yet undecided on both screen size and chipset, not to mention market availability. These rumors seem fishier than a fish market over a hot summer day, and since fish and rumors usually go with salt, you should prepare an appropriate quantity of it for this one.

Source: Unwired View