Microsoft works on a new smartphone that runs a “different branch” of Windows

- Adrian Ungureanu

Microsoft didn’t manage to be successful on the smartphone market, nor as an operating system developer, nor as a smartphone maker and for almost 2 years we haven’t seen a new model released by the software giant.

Many rumors have suggested in the past, that Microsoft would actually kill the mobile business while others indicate that only the Lumia brand will be discontinued and Microsoft will bring a new smartphone under the “Surface” brand.

There’s no solid proof regarding the last option, but new rumors say that Microsoft is working on a new smartphone that runs of a “different branch” of Windows Mobile.

This has a UI that is different from what we’re used to seeing in Windows 10 Mobile, but it’s not set in stone yet because it’s still “early days” for the development of this new interface. Once again, Microsoft may be looking to “reinvent” the mobile experience, in yet another desperate attempt to set its OS apart from its rivals.

It’s very unclear when the new handset might become available – it could be as much as a year from now, or “less if it receives good reviews internally and gets fast tracked”.