Microsoft were keen on buying Nokia at one point


It appears that until recently Nokia and Microsoft were in advanced talks for merging the two companies by selling the product division of Nokia to the Redmond giant. However, the finns’ price was all too high, says WSJ. While no precise digits are mentioned, we can see Nokia’s cost hovering significantly above the one billion dollars that successful startups usually coax from the huge corporations that assimilate them.

In the past few days rumors around Huawei looking to acquire Nokia started circulating. The closest Huawei is getting to Nokia though, is a new research center that’s being built right next to the Nokia HQ in Espoo. So when those skilled Nokia engineers lose their jobs in another round of layoffs, they will conviniently walk next door to work for Huawei. But this isn’t funny in any way and hopefully things wouldn’t turn out quite like this.

Source: BGR