Microsoft want your complaints about first world Android problems


Has your Android device gotten hit by malware recently? Perhaps you overlooked the obvious warnings and pushed the wrong button and suddenly your homescreen was flooded with ads? There, there, wronged user, Microsoft will take care of you. In their latest Windows Phone 8 promo campaign, Redmond opened the Twitter hashtag #DroidRage and are inviting you to share your heart-wrenching story in a group twitter-therapy with other users dissapointed in their Android device’s security. Apparently, the “best” stories will be awarded with a Windows Phone 8 handset that will come to rescue you from your oh, so horrible Android device.

WP8 is awesome, but the campaign strikes us as a rather lame attempt at sensationalising one of Android’s perceived weaknesses. Microsoft want you to believe Android is a target of harmful code and most journalists follow accordingly, creating a media distortion field that will lead you to think Android is completely insecure. But not only security researchers F-Secure claim that Play Store apps have caused a whopping 0.5% of all known Android malware cases, but Android apps are sandboxed just like iOS, and there is no way a malware app can bring unrepairable harm to your device. But yeah, take your sweet time hating on Android because of that time when you installed some pirated .apk and suddenly your droid turned into an ad-exhibit.