Microsoft to add ‘parental advisory’ labels on Xbox Music


The upcoming update for Xbox Music on Windows 8.1 adds ‘parental advisory’ labels to the songs in the playlists, for the moment available only on PCs running the app.


Besides bug fixes and improvements, this update will allow users to see which albums are explicit (parental advisory). In addition, the playing screen will display information about what song played prior and what’s next. So you will now what song you missed or if you have time to go to the bathroom without missing a favorite song.


This update comes as an Microsoft attempt to encourage users to sigh up for Xbox Music, after recently allowing users to trade in an old mobile device for up to $250 of credit at the Microsoft Store. Also, with $100 spend at the same store, for a year’s subscription to Xbox Music, users can get a free Nokia 520 on AT&T contract or a Nokia 521 on T-Mobile.  

Source: pcworld