Microsoft Surface Book prices rise in UK – Brexit is to blame

- Adrian Ungureanu

Microsoft made the hybrid Surface Book more expansive in UK and the reason is that the company wants to “align with the market dynamics” cause by Brexit.

The prices for Surface Book 2-in-1 hybrid rose 11,5%, with an average of £150, being currently sold for £1,999. This is not some decision made by retailers, Microsoft officials confirming that the current adjustment to prices comes because of the changes in currency exchange rates.

As the British pound loses value in comparison with foreign currency, mainly the US dollar, the American company decided that they can’t sell their products for lesser value. So, we might see an increase of prices for other Microsoft products as well, within the British market.

Microsoft is not the only company to adjust its prices upward since the Brexit vote came through in the UK’s June referendum. Apple increased app prices by 25%, Lenovo and HP also adjusted their prices and phones like the OnePlus 3 got their prices hiked in the aftermath of Brexit as well.