Microsoft Smears Google In New Parody Ad: The Essay


Microsoft and Google are taking shots at each other over some issues with the Windows Phone YouTube app. A parody of a Google Chrome ad smearing Google for profiting off their user data shows just how vicious Microsoft can get when they are desperate for attention. We say Microsoft doesn’ have any right to waste time on smear campaigns when instead they should be focusing on:

– Providing online services that are actually able to compete with Google’s complete, elegant and free solutions. It’s a very straight deal with Google, folks – you give up the rights to your data (but not your actual privacy) in exchange for using a quality service completely free of charge. If you don’t dig it, opt out and look for alternate solutions.

– Making a browser that doesn’t completely suck.

– Making sense of the Windows 8 UI on a PC and quickly denying that Windows RT ever existed.

While Google are no saints at all, we have been much happier and productive with their services than we have been with Microsoft’s products, and it feels right to stick with them. MS had all the time and resources to catch up to Google. All these years later Bing, IE, and whatever remain unremarkably average.

And let’s bring some sense to this data monitoring stuff: Has you life has been ruined because a Google bot scans your GMail directories daily for keywords to serve you unobtrusive ads you barely notice? Does it really bother you so much that Google tries to make profit off their services that you have been taking for granted since years? If the answer to both is No, congratulations on being a sensible person.

Speaking of ads, here is the original ad that’s being parodied:


Source: CNET