Microsoft releases a new device with a unique design


Microsoft does not stop looking for a way to satisfy his fans in the mobile sphere. On October 6 (today), the company released a very fresh line, which includes the long awaited Lumia 950 and 950XL, and Microsoft Band 2 and the new Surface Pro 4. According to rumors, which expired, on – earlier, Lumia 550 will join the duo, but it seems this was the missing piece of the puzzle – a new smartphone at an affordable price and average class specifications.


At – Earlier today, Acer promised to present a similar offer, but it still is a plan that will be implemented in 2016. Microsoft already has a goal in this niche. Industry sources discuss a brand new device that the Giants have developed and put him in the frame ‘accessible flagship. “
Also, this device will surely be a successful follower of the popular Lumia 830, but Microsoft at least – interesting. This time, adding first-class design in a metal frame. The material from which made the smartphone is a new and exciting concept in the realm of Lumia and this alone is enough to cause the device to success.


More details after the official presentation of the device afret the big event today.