Microsoft files new patent that reveals a foldable device

- Adrian Ungureanu

It’s pretty hard to say if it’s a smartphone or a tablet, most likely a tablet, but it’s a device that Microsoft might develop since is filed a new patent at United States Patents and Trademarks Office (USPTO).

The patent doesn’t refers to the device itself, but to the camera on this device. There are three different types of cameras, but to me wants more important is that this is proof that Microsoft plans to develop a foldable device.

Why? Well, they already patented three different foldable devices back in December. That as a general idea. But now they are focusing on components. It’s a step for further development. It’s a clue that does concepts might not remain concepts and that one of them will eventually be used.

The sketches are simple and rudimentary, so there’s no revealing of the device itself. They are simply there for illustration purposes. But it might be a confirmation that Microsoft hasn’t given up on it’s “Courier” foldable tablet, which was discovered to be code-named Andromeda.