Meizu to split in two companies

- Adrian Ungureanu

News from China say that Meizu is preparing to make an interesting move, by dividing the company in two and creating a new brand called Mailan or Blue Charm how it is translated in English.

The Meizu company will continue to sell the PRO smartphones that are the most expensive models the Chinese company sells at the moment, while the M series will be sold by the Meilan company.

At first glance it looks like Meizu is trying to take the same approach as Huawei did in 2013 when the Honor company was created, for Huawei would sell low-cost products under this brand.

It’s rather strange for a company like Meizu, which hardly has any high end products and is assimilated like a brand that sell affordable smartphones to create another brand for low-cost products.

But all this feels more like the Chinese company is trying to make the Meizu brand a high end one, which would make more sense, that creating a low-cost subsidiary. Lets see is they will succeed to make Meizu a brand able to battle the bigger brands like Samsung, Apple, Huawei or LG.