Meizu and MediaTek team up for facial recognition technology

- Adrian Ungureanu

It’s really obvious that Apple set a new trend with their new FaceID technology as more and more company are interested in using this authentication method.

Apple’s FaceID, as advertised, is truly revolutionary, because it’s based on a 3D sensing system, dar maps the user’s faces and it does not rely solely on photographic resemblance. That’s why is secure enough to make the financial institution that backs Apple Pay to trust it.

Samsung is said to go for a similar solution on the Galaxy S9 series, and now we find that Meizu and MediaTek are teaming up to make the “best facial recognition technology on smartphones”. At least that’s what Meizu’s global marketing, Ard Boudeling, is saying in a tweet.

There’s no need for interpretation. The things are obvious, that Meizu and MediaTek are working together to make a new facial recognition technology, which might be showcased next year.