Meet new Putinphone


A Russian company to customize the phone is back again with another version of Putinphone. The update is needed as Apple released a new iPhone.

Predictably, the new Putinphone is based on iPhone 6s. You will receive the same software and hardware, but completely different appearance of the device. The face of Vladimir Putin is inlaid with gold on the back, and a few lines of the Russian national anthem, and between them lies the presidential emblem.


All elements are on restrained and somewhat muted titanium base used for the back of the phone. Color, texture and durability characteristics of titanium obviously reflect the “essence of a force, invincible and strong will, and the inherent nature of man who never gives up.”


The official name of the new Putinphone is Caviar Ti Gold Supremo Putin << Anniversario Edizione >> 63 (in honor of the birthday of the Russian president). The company will only make 63 phones. The price for Putinphone with 64GB is 3174 dollars, while a 128GB version – 3334 $.