Massive Attack has created an iOS app that uses your movements to create remixes


For all the Massive Attack fans out there, no, it’s not about a new album, but an iOS app that the group created to offer you a trippy experience by using your heartbeat, your camera photo, the time of the day and your movements to remix some of the group’s songs.


The app is called Fantom and it creates different remixes based on the time of the day, or the movements you make with the phone, with the photo camera, and based on your heartbeats as well. For those you need an Apple Watch and an iOS 5s and later, though. If you don’t have any of this, well, you can listen to the discography and offer yourselves some trippy experiences with Massive Attack music.


Even if they haven’t released an album since 2010, Massive Attack will be Massive Attack and their songs can still be listened to in more than one way. Find you own ways, enter here and check out the Fantom app.

Source: engadget