Marine’s robot-dog was taken to the countryside, where it doesn’t disturb anyone with its noise [video]


When you can’t take care of your dog or cat anymore, it’s probably better to take him/her at the countryside, where you lie yourself that it was a good idea, because now the pet has more freedom and more fresh air to enjoy life. The Marine corps thought the same with their AlphaDog.


Just because the robot-dog moved too slow and too loud when assisting troops with military equipment, therefore being easy to give away soldiers’ positions, AlphaDog was taken to a farm, for enjoying retirement in peace.


After AlphaDog, Spot was the next robot-dog to be built by the Marines, but this one, although more silent due to its electric-powered motor, wasn’t able to carry too much equipment and it lacked autonomy, needing a human hand to control it. So, the Marine sand this dog to the farm too, remained to the drone solution until creating a reliable robot-dog.


Source: engadget