LUNA is a smart cover for mattresses


It is clear that all appliances and furniture will become smarter. Bed time came to join the family of technology. Smartpokrivkata Moon tries to supplement category. Just so, the future of your dream will change and with one simple movement.


Moon is equipped with multiple embedded biometric sensors that are completely discreet and unobtrusive. These sensors do everything. Record your body temperature, respiration and heart rate, heated bed in the cold winter with the help of their zonal heaters. All information about your sleep appears on your smartphone via a special application, besides all this and get valuable tips for healthy sleep.


Special mattress will work for you and at the gym, smart thermostat and locks automatically lock and unlock your bag. An interesting feature is the special alarm that will wake you up at the right time to sleep, and you save that dizzy feeling. Another advantage is that when you are dirty, you can safely throw it in the washing machine. The price is $ 200.