LOCA is a beautiful and stylish dock for Apple Watch and iPhone 6s


Apple Watch has been on the market for several months, but still not much available stands with good design to fit the device. Each user needs a safe place to keep his expensive watch, and the disappearance of any worries about proper storage of the device.

In addition, the scratches, damage and many situations which Apple Watch faces. Here to help comes LOCA Stand, for an overall solution to the problems.


This product is a work of Mobius Ring, the company which developed this wrong, fashionable, beautiful and safe method to protect Apple Watch. The curved shape provides a safety watch, emphasizing the sportiness of the owner. LOCA Apple Watch is a silicone material, which guarantees protection from scratches. Moreover, LOCAmozhe be used for your phone.

A great idea that collects “your style jewelry” in one place, without disguise beauty and impeccable design of the devices.