LIVR app is the social network for drunk virtual friends [video]


We get it, you like to drink alone in a bar. If you ver get tired of yourself, this new LIVR app is a secret social network that only allows access to other inebriated users. If you actually don’t enjoy getting drunk alone or you simply don’t have so many friends, you will be able to make some virtual friends that will never judge you for having an alcohol tooth.



So, get to the usual bar, download the LIVR app, attach the included breathalyzer, blow into it and you will see magic happening. You will connect to other on-the-way-to-get-drunk people and we will be able to play some games or to meet with them. All night long.



However, after too many beers, LIVR comes with a build-in ‘Blackout’ button which will erase all of your previous evening’s adventures… from your phone, not from your memory. 



Source: hiconsumption