LG to show off flexible OLED display in Vancouver


Samsung managed to demonstrate a flexible OLED display already in the beginning of 2013, but this doesn’t seem to dishearten their arch-competitor LG. The koreans will show off their own 5-inch flexible OLED display at the SID exhibit in Vancouver. This panel is specially built for smartphones and aims to finally solve the long-standing headache of broken displays.

Actually, LG has an entire plethora of displays ready to impress. Apart from the FOLED panel, they will show off their 55-inch curved OLED TV, 5 and 7-inch HD TFT displays with 1mm bezels, LCD displays for kitchen appliances such as smart fridges and finally, a 14-inch laptop matrix with resolution of 2560×1440. Maybe this will finally push Windows laptops in the direction of Apple and Google’s portable PC’s, which is something we’ve been longing for ever since we touched the MacBook Pro Retina.

Source: Engadget