LG patents a foldable smartphone featuring three screens

- Adrian Ungureanu

It’s a patent filed since December 2014 and we do not know why, but it was validated in November last year. Anyway, the patent is more interesting than we’ve seen so far, because as it says in the title, the phone has three screens.

As you can see in the drawings used in the patent documentation, there are three articulated parts, each provided with its own display. The phone can be folded in such a way as to be as compact as possible, but once unfolded it can offer a very generous display area.

The design seems, however, fragile. One of the three parts is connected to the rest of the phone with a flexible material whose strength could is questionable. I don’t know how much it can resist over time, after repeated bendind actions.

But we go back to the same discussions that occur every time we discover a new patent. The registration of a patent does not mean that the owner is obliged to use it.

Patents are the best legal solution to protect an idea, a concept, an invention. That way no one else can use the same concept without the owner’s consent, nor or the owner can be accused of stealing the idea.

And in the early years of the smartphone era, there have been many lawsuits between smartphone makers, accusing each other for using patents that other one owns.