The LG G7 may not have OLED display because it’s too expensive

- Adrian Ungureanu

LG is attempting to promote itself as a manufacturer of OLED panels after expanding its production capabilities last year and will be opening new plants this year, but the South Korean company does not seem willing to use the technology.

But the company that wants to become a supplier to Apple’s iPhones, doesn’t seem too eager to use OLED displays for its upcoming flagship, the LG G7, which is said to have a notched screen, like the iPhone X. Instead, the latest rumors suggest that they will used LCD panels.

And that because OLED panels, like the one on the iPhone X, are 2-3 times more expensive than LCDs. For example, the price of such a display as the one used by Samsung on the Galaxy S9+ is $72.9 and the price on the iPhone X costs $ 77.

LG’s mobile division has been experiencing problems for a few years now, and the use of expensive components for a product that has low chances to become a hit in sales does not seem a viable strategic option for the South Korean company.

For example, the LG V30S ThinQ, the company’s new flagship sporting an OLED panel, launched at the MWC 2018, is priced at about 845 euros, and as the LG G7 should bring more technology, it could be more expensive, and LG may not risk going closer to the $1,000 threshold with G7, a segment that Apple and Samsung fighting for.