LG G6 to get in stores starting March 10, while Galaxy S8 only after April 21

- Adrian Ungureanu

The South Korean press keeps the spark alive in rumors and speculation around the local tech giants and they report new information about the plans of LG and Samsung to release their new flagships in stores.

The reports confirm a series of previous rumors about plans and release dates, revealing the fact that the two companies don’t want to step on each other’s toes.

LG Electronics has in plan to launch their new LG G6 in stores starting with March 10, while pre-order will be available as soon as second day of March. So LG fans will have 8 days to pre-order the new flagship. As for the unveil of this new generation of the G-series will take place Sunday, at Barcelona. Just one day before MWC 2017.

As for Samsung, the new report confirms April 21st to be the date of release into stores, while the unveiling should take place as rumored before, in a New York event on March 29. But Samsung will make a clear announcement regarding this Monday, February 27, first day of MWC 2017.

LG is launching their smartphones so soon because they want to start selling as soon as possible, hoping to steal some Samsung fans hearts before the new Galaxy S8 series comes out. Samsung is supposed to wait so long for the actual launch in store because the also don’t want a direct competition with the LG G6. Also they would like to see how the flagship of their local rivals performs in sales so they might have enough time to correct their strategy.