LG G6 to arrive in India on April 26

- Adrian Ungureanu

LG’s new flagship, the G6, introduced almost two months ago is getting ready to launch in India on April 26. The company has started sending media invites for the event.

Even though the company hasn’t confirmed the prices yet, the retailers have already revealed that information. According to one retailer in Mumbai, the LG G6 will be priced at INR 51,990 ($805), which is a good deal cheaper than the Galaxy S8 India pricing of INR 57,900 ($896).

The device is said to be available for purchase starting April 29. It’s clear that LG is playing the value card with the Indian customers instead of going head-on with Samsung, which is a very clever tactic and should work favorably in the company’s favor considering the value conscious nature of the Indian market.