LG G6 appears next to the “old” LG G5 in new leaked photo

- Adrian Ungureanu

As were getting closer to release date the rumors and leaks about LG’s 2017 flagship smartphone get more frequent. The company does help the market keep a high rate of interest by releasing its own teasers.

Now we get a spy photo that shows the “old” LG G5, next to its successor, the yet to be released LG G6. The differences in design between the two smartphones are pretty obvious. The G6 comes with a more curvy design, bigger screen and it appears to be just a little bit smaller that the G5. But it may just be an illusion.

The display on the G5 model is at 5.3 inches and the G6 sports a 5.7-inch Full Vision display, which seems a bit more attractive.

The LG G6 series will be introduced by LG on Sunday, 26 February, in Barcelona, just a day before the official start of Mobile World Congress 2017.