Letv become the fastest – growing manufacturers of smartphones in China


Letv is a company that no longer needs the prior presentation, particularly in the business of smartphones in China. For some consumers may still be something new, given that presented its first smartphone and announced its entry into the US market in May 2015. Even then it was quite clear that Letv have very serious plans to develop and world Wide.


The last thing we learned from the company is that during his recent fast sales held on LeMall.com (the official online store) are counted 1 million purchases. It is worth noting that 21 seconds were sold 20 000 Le Max devices, and for 53 seconds – 50 000 Le Superphones.


All these impressive sales definitely showing more interest in Letv smartphones and this is a sign that the company is on track to become the most – rapidly growing smartphone manufacturer in China, after breaking results of 1 million sales in just 3 months.


Another interesting, according to the latest report on the mobile market in June of EBP, Le Superphones (Letv Le 1, Le Pro 1 and Le Max) in the top five in total online sales in B2Cv China, the company even managed to overtake Apple’s iPhone .


In addition to the recent impressive figures, Letv praised and 4.4% growth in sales in June, which again shows that this is – a rapidly growing company in sales of smartphones fierce Chinese market. Total 564 000 Le Superphones were sold in June.


Thanks to this leap, these devices currently account for 4.5% of the total market share in China.