Lenovo Z5 to have a battery which will last 45 days… in standby

- Adrian Ungureanu

Lenovo’s CEO, Chang Cheng, is increasingly following in OnePlus’ CEO footsteps, and as Pete Lau, Cheng is giving us clues about their next smartphone, the Lenovo Z5.

If Pete Lau revealed in the past years, little by little, the specs and the some of the features of the OnePlus smartphones, now Chang Cheng, is leaving clues about Lenovo Z5 on social networks.

He is the first that confirmed the launch of Lenovo Z5, as a smartphone featuring a full screen display without any notches, and now he gives us clues about the battery of their new flagship. He posted a teaser on the Chinese social network, Weibo, suggesting that the battery will last 45 days, in standby obviously.

Even so, it is an impressive figure, because you can not get such a result simply by installing a larger battery. Certainly there are some secrets behind such performances.

Most likely, I believe that Lenovo Z5 will have a 5,000mAh battery, which should normally provide an average user enough power for about 2 days.

The launch of the phone has not yet been announced, but it may not be long before Lenovo announces the official date.