Lenovo to close ZUK Mobile – all new smartphones will be ”Moto”

- Adrian Ungureanu

It seems that ZUK Mobile wasn’t meant to last as Lenovo is about to shut down the mobile division in founded less than 2 year ago.

Latest news coming from China says that fans should not wait the smartphone ZUK Edge II as Lenovo will close the ZUK hardware business. So ZUK Edge, launched in November 2016, is the last smartphone launched under this brand.

The main reason is that ZUK didn’t managed to turn the profits Lenovo might have hoped as well as the Chinese company announced a few months ago that in plans to bring all smartphones under the same umbrella and the Moto brand is the chosen one.

Moto is doing better lately, specially in Asia. The brand is gaining back the some of the turf it lost in China, after the authorities lifted the sales ban they put against the brand when it was owned by Google.