Lenovo could launch 9 more Motorola smartphones this year

- Adrian Ungureanu

It seems that Lenovo might have a very busy agenda this year as new leaks suggest that the Chinese company has a list of 9 Moto-branded smartphones that might be launched this year.

Last week we noted that seven Moto smartphones received WiFi Alliance certification and we thought that that number is high, but not anymore as Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, posted a photo of a presentation used by Lenovo in a private event, form which we can easily see that there are 9 different “Moto” smartphones, that could be released this year alone.

We can see five different series, that we all know about, but the smartphones models aren’t familiar at all. The “z” series it supposed to get the “z play” and “z plus” models that should be the high end series of the portfolio.

The “x” series has only one model, the “g” series, should get two new models, besides the “g5” and “g5+”, that were presented in February at MWC 2017, called “gS” and “gS+”. We could suspect that the “S” letter comes from “six” (6), the next generation that will be launched next year, but we think is way to early for that.

The “e” series will be comprised by two smartphones and as the previous generations it will try to appeal through their huge batteries. You can clearly see that the “e plus” variant will have a 5,000 mAh battery.

The “c” series is the budget series of the portfolio, that will get two new smartphones, which should satisfy the basic needs for a smartphone users, as Lenovo used the “Unlimited essentials” motto to describe the new smartphones.