Jolla and Sony will bring Sailfish OS on Xperia smartphones

- Adrian Ungureanu

Jolla Ltd., a company founded by former engineers from Nokia, and Sony have signed a partnership to bring the Sailfish OS on Xperia smartphones this year, further developing the operating system create by Nokia and Intel, under de name of Linux MeeGo.

Jolla announced support for Sony’s Open Devices Program, to provide a leading hardware platform for Sailfish OS licensing customers and the Sailfish community.

Jolla is aiming to release an official version of its Sailfish OS for a range of Sony Mobile’s Xperia devices – the first project is a Sailfish OS powered Xperia X, which is on show at Jolla’s stand at Mobile World Congress 2017.

The announcement represents a new opportunity for Jolla’s partners and community members alike – Sailfish OS customers around the world will soon be able to utilise Sony’s advanced mobile hardware in their projects, and Sony’s Open Devices program will offer Sailfish community members a chance to get their hands on an exciting new range of Sailfish-powered devices.

According to the press release of the Finnish company, the target is to offer the first release to customers and community members by the end of Q2/2017.