It’s official now! Samsung Galaxy A7 becomes Galaxy A8+!

- Adrian Ungureanu

Well, yesterday was the first time I’ve seriously considered the possibility that Samsung might rename the lineup of the Galaxy A series in 2018.

There were some rumors before, but yesterday we’ve seen the Bluetooth SIG certificate for the SM-A530F smartphone from Samsung, which normally should be dubbed as Galaxy A5 (2018). But it’s not. In the official documents it is registered as Galaxy A8 (2018).

Today, we get confirmation for the Galaxy A7 (2018). The model number SM-A730F, which should’ve been registered as Galaxy A7 is actually called Galaxy A8+ (2018) on the Bluetooth SIG database.

So, it’s official now. Most likely Samsung wants to lose some of the many model names it has so customers will be less confused. I wonder now if they will do the same thing with the Galaxy J series. Because they launched like 7 or 8 models within this series.