ITC starts the investigation that could bring an import ban of iPhones in the US

- Adrian Ungureanu

Most of you might already be familiarized with the dispute between Apple and Qualcomm, a dispute that is beginning to inflate more at the wrong time for the iPhone maker.

Qualcomm filed a complaint against Apple at ITC (International Trade Commission) asking to ban the imports of iPhones and now ITC announced that it’s starting the investigation against Apple for alleged Qualcomm patent violation.

The investigation will last 45 days and the results should be revealed by the end of September or ealier in October. That’s not a very good time for Apple and it seems that Qualcomm may have calculated the time of the procedures, because that’s would be the period when the new iPhones are expected to hit shelves.

If ITC’s investigation would bring results favorable to Qualcomm, that they would have to rule an import ban against Apple smartphones in the US. Yet, the risk is still low, ast the import ban needs to be approved by the US presidency as well, before going into effect.

Apple went through the same scenario few years back, when Samsung obtained an import ban decision against Apple, but Barack Obama, the president of the United States at that time vetoed ITC’s rule.

With Donald Trump you never know, but the last couple of encounters between the current US president and Apple’s officials makes us believe that the relationship between Cupertino and Washington are better that at the beginning of the year.

Still we shouldn’t forget that Apple was one the companies that was against Donald Trump during the presidential campaign, suggesting that it would be a disaster for the US if he would become president.