Is this the enigmatic Steam-Box?


At this year’s CES, mini-PC maker Xi3 was showing the Piston – a pretty ordinary computer in a not so ordinary chassis financed by Valve Software made to support Steam and its Big Picture mode. Media dubbed the machine “Steam-Box” as to represent the Half-Life makers’ yet unclear plans to compete in the console race with a PC-based machine – one made to comfortably settle in your living room, outputting PC games to a hi-def TV.

Now, Infinity Ward – makers of the smashingly successful franchise Call Of Duty, have uploaded two pictures to their social network accounts. They show a stylish small-form PC with the game studio’s logo. And an iPhone, apparently for a size comparison. So, what can that be? That might be a developer version of Valve’s console-to-be, rested atop a module that is very likely external hdd storage.

If Valve plan to out the machine this year, they ought to start talking pretty soon. Sony and Ouya have revealed their cards and are already toying with gamers’ fantasies, and Microsoft are about to make their move in April.