Is OnePlus 5T looking like this?

- Adrian Ungureanu

OnePlus will unveil at the beginning of the next month, which isn’t that far, a new smartphone the OnePlus 5T, an upgraded version of the flagship launched in the spring, which will also be the for OnePlus device with a 18:9 screen ratio display.

It seems that, just like it’s predecessor, OnePlus 5T was inspired by another phone, Oppo R11. Coincidentally or not, OP5T is supposed tp be the copy of Oppo R11s, the successor of Oppo R11.

It wouldn’t be a surprise, because Oppo, OnePlus and Vivo are all owned by BBK Electronics, so it’s natural to share resources. Still, some originality wouldn’t heart anyone. On the other hand, the latest renders of Oppo R11s, depict a very good looking smartphone and, personally, I like it. Oppo R11s will be unveiled on November 2nd, just 3 days before the unveiling of OnePlus 5T. The company officially confirmed that OnePlus 5T will be unveiled on November 5th.