Is Apple making iPhone users pay double for battery replacements?

- Adrian Ungureanu

The throttling of the older iPhones keeps bringing more bad information on Apple and on how they’re handling the business.

You may know that Apple admitted that it was intentionally slowing down the older iPhone models, with aging batteries, but to prevent unexpected shutdowns, and to increase the battery life. That infuriated the fans.

As a countermeasure to appease the fans’ rage, they said they will cut the prices for battery replacements from $79, down to $29. It’s a pretty good discount a first glance. But is it really a discount?

Sources from the battery industry from South Korea, the homeland of Samsung and LG, say it is not. They say the reduced price cannot be labeled “discounted” considering the battery prices of other premium phones in the market.

For instance, users of Galaxy S7 and S8 can change their batteries in South Korea for 35,000 won which is about $33 and 40,000 won ($37), respectively. The costs for cheaper phones like the LG G6 and Huawei P9 range from 29,500 (~$28) to 35,000 won. The prices all include labor. It takes only 11,000 won (~$10) for an LG G5 with a detachable battery.

Also, the battery capacity of iPhones is smaller than others. The iPhone 6S and 7 have 1,715-milliamp-hour and 1,960mAh batteries, respectively, which compare to Samsung S8’s 3,000mAh, LG G6’s 3,300mAh and Huawei P9’s 3,000mAh batteries.

“All flagship phones from Samsung, LG and Apple have the most advanced batteries in the market. There is no reason for the price difference,” an official from a battery maker told ET News on condition of anonymity.

Contacted by the local media, the Korean unit of Apple declined to comment.